This page provides agent access to resource materials related to the Extension Council System. Materials provided on this page include a combination of resources intended specifically for agent use and resources available on the advisory council pages through the Program and Staff Development website. Items also linked on the advisory council pages through the Program and Staff Development website are denoted with an asterisk.


Council System Materials

Kentucky Cooperative Extension Council System publication*

Kentucky Cooperative Extension Council System diagram*

Council System Basics slide deck (Link to a PowerPoint available for download via SharePoint and correlated to the Council System Publication. Presenter notes are included and indicate if the content of the slide is also covered in the orientation video linked below.)



County Extension Council Organization and Structure Resources

Sample County Extension Council Bylaws*

County Extension Council Standing Committee Information Sheets



Council Meeting Resources

Icebreaker Activities

Extension in 60-Seconds - Elevator Speech Activity Handout and Worksheet

Extension in 60-Seconds - PowerPoint presentation with presenter notes (Available to download from SharePoint)


Program Advisory Council Resources and Contacts

Program Council Member Duties and Responsbilities*

Program Council Membership Grid - Excel file on SharePoint available for download or PDF file (11 x 17)

Program Council Contacts:

For questions regarding the resources on this page and the council system, please contact:

Kim Henken

Director, Extension Engagement and Administrative Initiatives

N-106 Ag Science North

Lexington, KY 40546-0091

(859) 257-5482