Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association (KEHA) Empowers Youth through Volunteer Service and Outreach

KEHA supports youth development through volunteer service, outreach and scholarship programs. KEHA members are dedicated to empowering our next generation by serving as 4-H club leaders, promoting literacy programs through public libraries, volunteering in local schools, supporting the Center for Courageous Kids and more.


Kentucky Master Loggers Feed the $13.87 Billion Forest Industry in Kentucky

1,626 loggers were trained and obtained or maintained their Master Logger status by demonstrating knowledge of environmental protection, safe logging practices, and egulations impacting the timber harvesting industry.


4-H National Youth Science Day Reaches over 4,000 Kentucky Youth in 2015

Extension professionals and volunteers enabled youth to investigate the physical and human factors of motion, incorporating Newton’s Law of Motion.

Truth and Consequences: The Choice is Yours Simulates the Repercussions of Substance Use and Abuse for Teens and Their Families

Over 10,594 students and parents completed the program in 2016. Counties who have conducted the program for 4 years or more have seen reduced use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs among teens in their counties.


4-H Style Engineers Develop Fundamental Skills to Create Wearable Technology

4-H youth from 18 counties experimented with new materials, used tools and technology to investigate and create design solutions and incorporated electrical circuitry in clothing and accessories


Extension Guides Adults through Small Steps to Improve Health and Financial Stability

Adult participants report adopting practices that reduced risk for chronic disease and reduced debt.

The Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service is the most comprehensive outreach and engagement program at the University of Kentucky.

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