UK Cooperative Extension At Work – Spring 2017 Edition

The Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service is the most comprehensive outreach and engagement program at the University of Kentucky.

Casey County Extension and 21st Century Afterschool Program Evolved into a Poultry Business

Extension established an afterschool Poultry Club with in-kind donations. With support from high school agriculture students and the Casey County Agriculture Development Fund, the program has become Kentucky Proud certified selling eggs and meat.


Extension Partners with Kentucky Beef Network to Promote Best Practices in Livestock Operations

Eden Shale Farm hosts on-farm tours, field days, and an on-line virtual tour to advocate for reducing soil and nutrient loss. The loss of these resources reduces producer profits and increases unnecessary costs.


Extension Collaborate with Community Partners to Serve Grandparents and Relatives Raising Children

Extension teaches parenting, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices to grandparents and relatives raising children during conferences, support groups, and workshops. Over 700 households accessed community resources for physical and/or emotional health, or legal assistance as a result of attending an Extension program.


Extension Contributed to the Development and Implementation of the Kentucky Pollinator Protection Plan

Extension professionals implement the Pollinator Protection Plan by teaching proper chemical use and application, developing pollinator habitats, and conducting environmental educational programs.


Extension Teaches Life Skills to English as Second Language Learners (ESL)

During hands-on food preparation classes, ESL learners improve speaking, reading comprehension, and writing skills to improve their communication, and resulting in acculturation or acceptance by others.


Extension Engages Youth to Nature While Investigating Ecosystems and Monitoring Water Quality

4-H members in the Natural Resources Program are involved in hands-on activities and experiences that foster an understanding and appreciation for Kentucky’s natural resources.

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