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Community Assessment Timeline

January - March 2018: The community assessment committee of agents, specialists and volunteers draft the outline of the process, the wording of the survey, direction of the interviews and items to help offices successfully complete the outlined process. 

July - December 2018: The community assessment process commences with surveys, interviews and focus groups in each county. County agents take the lead in reporting the information to the team on campus compiling and analyzing the information.

January - June 2019: Results are analyzed and reports for each county plus a statewide report are written.

July - September 2019: Reports are shared with Extension staff, agents, specialists and administration, then distributed to residents.

October - December 2019: Agents and specialists work together to identify areas for programming and develop curriculum to include in the upcoming Plan of Work process.

January - June 2020: The Plan of Work process uses issues identified from the Community Assessment to develop programming in each county for the next four years. All Plans of Work are available for review online by July 2020.