In February 2002, we began a process to "Re-Envision" Cooperative Extension in Kentucky.  The goal was twofold - to enhance programming support for county Extension programs through improved campus connection, and to "flatten" or streamline the organization.  A Transition Team for Re-Envisioning Cooperative Extension was formed via a peer selection process to address these goals, including representation from Kentucky State University and the State Extension Council stakeholder group.  The team conducted an inclusive process for assessing our CES functions and structure in light of the changing environment and the needs of our clientele in Kentucky.  Our base mission is not changing.  However, we are broadening our vision in response to needs of Kentuckians.

The team reported their results to Dean Smith and Dr. Turner in August.  Since that time, the Extension Administration has developed additional details for both the organizational plan and programming approach based upon those recommendations.  The focus of the new regional programming approach and districts for agent coaching and support are to link campus and county to provide enhanced support in a "leaner" organization.  Please review the material that summarizes the vision for Extension in the 21st century and the positive impact we believe will result from our Re-envisioning process.  Maps of the new structure to support programming are also included, both a district map and regional programming map.  An outline of the structure is also provided.  The "Documents" section provides earlier background material and a listing of committee members.