About the Extension Community Assessment

The Extension Community Assessment was developed by a committee of Extension Agents, Specialists, Volunteers and key informants. With the assistance of The Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky (CEDIK), Kentucky by the Numbers, Extension Offices across the state, and others, the Kentucky Extension System is implementing the process. 

About Us

Our mission, simply stated, is to make a difference in the lives of Kentucky citizens through research-based education. Jointly with our other land-grant partner, Kentucky State University, we take the University to the people in their local communities, addressing issues of importance of all Kentuckians. 


Morrill Act

About the Extension Community Assessment

The Extension Community Assessment is a new process developed to better understand the unique needs of each Kentucky county. The goal is that by using the information from this assessment, Extension can better serve its clientele with educational programming and facilitation of community discussions to improve the lives of all Kentuckians. 

To be successful, we need your input and your help. 

Agent resources for Community Assessment

The Extension Community Assessment process is outlined below. A committee of agents, specialists and stakeholders worked for six weeks to determine the process and how the Community Assessment could be used to guide counties through the Plan of Work, making this assessment an asset to counties. As a result, the Community Assessments will be conducted in Year 3 of the Plan of Work process. The goal is that the Community Assessments will inform the direction of each county's next Plan of Work and guide administration in hiring priorities.