By  September 20, 2019 - 11:45am

We are embarking on a new administrative structure that will include three regional extension directors to serve the state. We have received permission to move forward with the hiring process. The job announcements for the three positions will be posted next week. The actual county configurations for the regions will be decided after feedback and a final decision on the Area models. Regardless of the final configurations, the regional offices will be located at Princeton (west), Lexington campus (central) and RCARS (east).

We are in the process of identifying search committees for each of the positions. The committees, which will include agents, staff and leaders, will be announced soon. The hope is that we will recruit, review applications and plan for interviews in the regions in late November/early December. A presentation and public forum will be included in the interview process. The hiring process will be completed in early 2020.

Please encourage those people that you feel would be stellar leaders and managers to apply for these roles.

Note: Our Area Extension Director positions will be finalized and a timeline for hiring completed once we receive and review feedback and make a final decision on the administrative model.