By  February 7, 2020 - 3:53pm

The Extension Agent Transition Team met January 24, 2020. The team reviewed a new map displaying the area numbering system and provided feedback. The map will be finalized and distributed along with the announcement of the first Area Extension Director postings.

  • The following timeline for Area Extension Director hiring was discussed:
    • By early February, 14 Area Extension Director positions will post for application. It is expected that positions from all current districts will be included in the first phase.
    • The hiring process will take place during the spring, with an expected start date of July 1, 2020 for the first hires.
    • The remaining Area Extension Director positions will post for application during the summer, with the hiring process continuing into the fall and a projected start date of January 1, 2021 for the remaining positions.
    • The interview process will include time in each county within the area. Members of the agent transition team will share additional details about the process at February District Staff meetings.

The transition team reviewed draft descriptions of how current coordinator responsibilities (staff, fiscal, and CEC/marketing) will be structured in the new administrative model. The drafts were based in large part on input provided by the agent transition team during the November meeting. Prior to the February District Staff Meetings, revised drafts will be shared with all agents. Members of the agent transition team will collect feedback at staff meetings through small group discussions.

Members of the transition team shared potential additions to the administrative transition frequently asked questions and outlined tentative plans for sharing updates at February District Staff meetings.

The agent transition team will continue to meet periodically through 2020 as the new administrative structure is implemented. The next meeting will be via Zoom in mid to late February and the team members will be polled to set meeting details.