By  February 7, 2020 - 3:51pm

The Extension Faculty/Specialist Transition Team met December 12, 2019. The agenda included a review of the final administrative structure along with the map delineating the new administrative regions and areas. The team was briefed regarding the Regional Extension Director hiring process and encouraged to participate in the final interviews either in person or via Zoom.

Team members then reviewed a listing of twenty-five potential action items generated at the group’s October meeting related to enhancing campus-based support for county programming and the overall impact of Extension. The group prioritized the action items, and the top six identified were:

  • Provide enhanced orientation and training for faculty/specialists.
  • Train specialists in strategies to develop program materials that fit the target audience.
  • Extension conferences provide the opportunity for specialists and agents to interact and have training that impacts both groups.
  • If we are increasing agent time for programming, state staff need to help build agent comfort levels in presenting new/different programs.
  • Structured agent training to give exposure between agents/specialists is needed.
  • Training is needed to help specialists better understand how to support counties in the plan of work process.

The team discussed strategies to address the first bulleted item (orientation for faculty/specialists) and will focus their February 2020 meeting to further outline plans for enhanced orientation.